About Me

I'm a computer developer from Argentina who has been coding for the last 14 years. I have been trying and discovering new technologies in the last years including python, html, css, different databases, javascript, c, php, etc. I spent my last years working in startups, so I really enjoy challenging environments. I'm a very active person who loves outdoors activities like hiking. I'm also a huge tango fan, lover of the argentinian asado and F1. I love to travel so I try to do it as much as I can. In my free time I like to code projects of my own. You are welcome to check them out later on this page.

Contact Details

Rodrigo Nicolas Carreras
Argentina, Cordoba
skype: carrerasrodrigo


FaMAF - National University of Cordoba

Computer Analyst - Bachelors Degre April 2009

After finishing high school I started the Computer Analyst course of studies at FaMAF. During those years I polish my programing skills, having a huge base in maths.

Business Orientation - Pio Leon

High School Degree with orientation in business administration December 2004

I got my High Business oriented School Degree in Argentina.



Software developer January 2011 - Present

During this period I have been working with multiple technologies like Python, Javascript, html5, php, amazon cloud, mysql, etc. My work consist in the maintenance of an online platform that allowes final costumer to save money comparing car insurance, loans, etc. During this period I have been working with sites with huge traffic and complex integrations with different insurance companies. For more references click here.

The Kinetik

Software developer March 2010 - January 2011

I worked with mobile and web tecnologies like Android, ios and python. During this period my company was choosen to participate in the Startupbootcamp startup acelerator in Denmark. Our main challange was create an advertising platform for android and ios.

CNA (Carnes Naturales Argentinas)

Software Developer June 2009 – May 2010

My main challange was to create an online system to trace the road of meat production. During this period I worked on desktop applications with the .NET plataform, Mono, mysql, sql server and python.


Software Developer January 2009 – March 2010

I worked on mobile applications for Iphone, Android and BlackBerry.

Global CEA (Consultores de Empresas Asociados)

Software Developer February 2007 – February 2009

I worked developing desktop and web software in the .Net (2005) plataform, VB.NET, ASP.NET, using different databases like SQL SERVER 2000, MySQL and ORACLE 10.


In the last years I have polished my skills by developing complex web interfaces with python + django + javascript + html5/css3 + php. I learn to create rich interfaces working with React.js and Angular. Since many of the application that I'm working on have had huge traffic impact I have been working very close amazon clouds, setting up farms of machines. I also spend a couple of years working with mobile applications, specially with Android. Every project I have worked on had a related database, so I got to learn how to work with many databases engines including MySql, postgres, sqlite, sql server, mongo, oracle, etc. I worked with clasic languages like C, C++ and Java as a support for many of my projects while I was still in School. Most of my desktop applications have been developed with .NET using C# and Visual Basic and later on with QT. Editing webpages and images its always necessary so I also know how to work with with photoshop softwares.

Python Django / Pylons HTML5 CSS3 Less/SASS JavaScript React.js Angular Amazon clouds Mysql Sqlite Postgres mongo SQL Server Android C C++ / QT .NET C# .NET VB php photoshop

Personal Projects

If you check out my github account you can see some of my personal projects. I have been working intensively on scraping that is why I contributed in Ghost.py. I developed a small report system called pydbr that has been also ported to Java to other folks. I also have been working on a temporal object oriented database called python-kangaroo. I also have been contibuting on other projects that you can check in my account. Most of my work in the last years have been dedicated to my company project/website comparaencasa.com


Spanish is my native language. English Professional working proficiency. Portuguese Professional working proficiency

English Spanish Portuguese


Love outdoor activities, dancing (specially tango), climbing, hiking, the f1, argentinian asado, travelling, yoga, coding and watching movies.

Get In Touch.

You can contact me over the social networks linked below or send me an email to carrerasrodrigo@gmail.com